Privacy Policy

Wages Exchange Privacy Policy The Wages Exchange Terms of Use (the "TOU") include this Privacy Policy as an annex. With the exception of any other provisions in this document, the terms used in this privacy policy shall have the same meanings as those in the TOU. The personal information that Wages Exchange and Wages Exchange Operators gather through Wages Exchange and its partners is collected, used, processed, disclosed, shared, transferred, and protected in accordance with this privacy statement. Wages Exchange and Wages Exchange Operators are referred to as "we," "us," and "our" in this statement. We only request certain personal information from users if it is necessary for us to gather it in accordance with applicable laws or official directives or if it is pertinent to the goals we have set. Please carefully read this Privacy Policy from beginning to end. You acknowledge, understand, and agree to all of the provisions of this Privacy Policy by visiting Wages Exchange, regardless of whether you register for or log in to the Wages Exchange Services. Without your prior knowledge and approval, we will not use your personal information for any reason not expressly permitted by this Privacy Policy or the TOU (including any other Wages Exchange business policies).


When you sign up for and utilize Wages Exchange Services, the sorts of information we collect from you are as follows:

1.1 Data You Provide Us During Registration

When you register a Wages Exchange Account, you give us information that will help us identify you, including your email address, name, date of birth, nationality, country code, gender, signature, utility bills, home address, and password ("Identification Information"). To increase account security, you can also decide to add a phone number for SMS or a Google Authenticator account for two-factor authentication.

You must give us the relevant information, such as your fingerprint and facial information, and give us permission to handle your biometric data if you agree to utilize biometric authentication techniques to log in or access Wages Exchange services, such as fingerprint and facial recognition.

1.2 Data We Gather to Adhere to Regulatory Policies

Wages Exchange must gather personal information in addition to identification information, such as identity documents (such as a passport, driver's licence, national identity card, state ID card, tax ID number, passport number), in order to comply with international industry regulatory standards, local industry regulatory standards, and governmental mandates in many areas including anti-money laundering (AML), know-your-client (KYC), and counter-terrorism financing (CTF). Every time we collect personal information, we will inform you of the purpose for collecting it and the requirements for doing so. We also retain the right to amend these requirements as needed to comply with local, national, or international laws or governmental decrees. Wages Exchange Accounts held by both individuals and businesses are subject to this clause.

1.3 Data We Gather As You Utilize Wages Exchange Services
a) Details regarding service usage

We may track and collect usage information through your use of the Wages Exchange Services, including but not limited to your phone number, access date and time, device type and identification, operating system and hardware setting, browser type, and data from your SIM card, network operator, IP address, GPS, base station, and WLAN ("Service Usage Information"). Wages Exchange may directly get this data or obtain it through outside service providers. Our systems use the information we collect about service usage to make sure that our interface is usable by users on all platforms and to help with criminal investigations.

b) Transactional Data

We may gather transaction information for all personal and institutional user accounts as you use Wages Exchange Services, including but not limited to snapshots of deposits, account balances, trade history (such as transaction start, payment method, price, amount, time, withdrawal and authorization information), order activity, and distribution history (collectively, "Transaction Information"). For the protection of user fraud, the resolution of legal disputes, and any other objectives mentioned in this privacy statement, we gather such transaction information in order to monitor suspicious trading activity.

c) Communication Data

You acknowledge and agree that we may obtain and use the following information about you from communications you send to us or that are created when you use the Wages Exchange Services ("Communication Information") in accordance with this Privacy Statement:

all emails and file attachments in conjunction with your transactions with other users or other data generated largely through your connections with them; all messages, requests, or other information you transmit during the course of your relationship with Wages Exchange.

d) Financial Details:

When you use Wages Exchange Services, you acknowledge and agree that we are permitted to collect and use your financial information, including without limitation, bank account information, payment card primary account number (PAN), transaction history, trading data, and tax identification, for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. Such financial data is gathered by us for the monitoring of questionable financial activity, user fraud protection, case resolution in court, and other uses alluded to in this privacy statement.

2. How Do We Gather Data?
2.1 Automatic Collection via Information Wages Exchange

The majority of the personal data we get comes directly from you. We may get and use information about you in the following circumstances:

a. the location where you sign up for, log into, visit, or use any service offered by Wages Exchange;

b. if you freely respond to any user surveys or send us comments through email or another method;

c. when you visit or use our website or APPs while using cookies from your browser or other software;

d. any other circumstances listed in this Privacy Statement or our TOU in which we might automatically acquire your information (including the Wages Exchange Platform Rules, the same below).

2.2 Information Obtained from Third-Party Sources

We might obtain data about you from outside sources, such as but not restricted to the methods listed below:

a. partners for ID verification, credit bureaus, and public databases;

b.Data from blockchain;

c. resellers and marketing partners;

d. companies that offer analytics and advertising services.

2.3 Aggregated and Anonymized Data

A data processing technique called anonymization eliminates or modifies personal information to make it impossible to link it to a specific person. All other rules of this privacy statement, with the exception of this section, do not apply to aggregated or anonymized personal data (i.e. information about our Users that we combine together so that it no longer identifies or references an individual User).

Any commercial reason, including to better understand Users' requirements and behaviors, develop our products and services, perform business intelligence and marketing, and identify security issues, is permitted for the use of anonymized or aggregated customer data. On anonymized data, we may run our own analytics or enable third-party analytics.

3. How Do We Use The Data We Gather?

We utilize the data we gather about you either in the methods or for the reasons listed below:

3.1 To provide and maintain wage exchange services

In order to deliver, maintain, and provide better Wages Exchange Services (including but not limited to processing transactions) and confirm Users' identities, we use the information gathered.

To help us authenticate your identity and activity and offer Wages Exchange Services, we employ the IP address and distinctive identifiers saved in your device's cookies. We are unable to provide you with all or a portion of the Wages Exchange Services without data such as Identification Information, Supervision Information, Service Usage Information, Communication Information, and Transaction Information due to our legal duties and system needs.

3.2 To Preserve Our Users

We use the data gathered to safeguard our platforms, users' accounts, and historical data.

To defend against automated abuse like spam, phishing, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults, we use IP addresses and cookies.

We examine trading activity in an effort to spot suspicious activity as early as feasible in order to avoid potential fraud and money loss to bad actors.

3.3 To adhere to all applicable laws and regulations

We shall use the data in accordance with our legal requirements, government requests, and reasonable user-generated inquiries, with regard to the privacy and security of personal information. We may process your personal information without your consent in situations where it is strictly necessary, such as to safeguard the lives or property of Users or other natural persons, to further an objective of public interest, or to protect our legitimate interests (while avoiding jeopardizing the interests of Users). Except as provided in this Privacy Policy or the TOU, we will not divulge or make any of your personal information available to third parties without first getting their approval and/or reviewing it with our legal team.

3.4 For the Purposes of Measurement, Research, and Development

To better understand how you use and engage with Wages Exchange Services, we actively track and analyze data. Our operation teams carry out this review work to fix user experience problems and enhance the functionality of our Platforms. Additionally, we make use of this data to create, assess, and enhance Wages Exchange Services, as well as to improve the design and organization of our websites and mobile applications.

We regularly check system activity data and user communications to spot issues and address them as soon as they arise.

3.5 To Communicate with You

In order to communicate with you directly when giving customer assistance on a ticket or to keep you updated on logins, transactions, account security, and other elements, we use personal information obtained, such as your phone number or email address. We won't be able to react to your requests, queries, or enquiries if we don't gather and process your personal information for each communication's confirmation. All direct conversations are appropriately stored at Wages Exchange or the service provider that Wages Exchange has chosen, where they can be checked for accuracy, maintained as evidence, or utilized to fulfill any legal or contractual requirements.

3.6 To Uphold Our Terms of Service and Other Agreements

The information is also used to review, investigate, and prevent any potentially illegal or banned activity that might violate the aforementioned terms, or to provide the pertinent data to a third party in compliance with our TOU and other agreements with our Users.

Any User found to be engaging in acts that violate our TOU and other agreements with our Users may have their access to Wages Exchange Services suspended or terminated.

3.7 To assist in corporate mergers, acquisitions, or transactions

In the course of business acquisitions, mergers, or other corporate transactions, we reserve the right to process any information pertaining to your Wages Exchange Account and use of Wages Exchange Services as required.

3.8 For Marketing and Advertising

Your personal information might be disclosed to our marketing partners for analytics, modeling, and/or targeting in addition to marketing and advertising.

3.9 For Rebates

For the purpose of rebates and other incentives, we may provide your referrer with the information gathered, including but not limited to your Identification Information and Transaction Information.

3.10 For Any Additional Use

For any additional reason for which you give your consent, we may release your personal data.


We want to keep you informed about certain Wages Exchange Services or goods and services provided by our partners if we believe you might be interested in them.

If you accept to get the aforementioned marketing material, you can decide when you want to start receiving it.

You have the right to request at any time that we cease contacting you for promotional purposes or sending you pertinent information. Please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the marketing email to submit your request to stop receiving future marketing communications from us.


Your personal information has been safeguarded by Wages Exchange utilizing fault-tolerant protected storage with industry standard encryption and a variety of security procedures to make sure that it is not lost, misused, or altered. These security precautions include, but are not limited to:

5.1 Objective Measures

Your personal information-containing documents will be kept in a secure location.

5.2 Electronic Measures

Your personal information-containing computer data will be kept on storage devices and computer systems that have rigorous log-in limitations.

5.3 Control Measures

Your personal information may only be accessed by authorized staff members, who are required to abide by our internal privacy and confidentiality policies. Additionally, we have put in place strong physical access controls for files and premises.

5.4 Technical Measures

Your personal information could be transmitted and stored using encryption technology like Secure Sockets Layered Encryption and PCI Scanning. To reduce the likelihood that your information may be revealed, damaged, misused, accessed without authority, released without authorization, or altered, we employ a variety of generic security technologies that are now available and supporting management systems.

5.5 Additional Measures

The "firewall" is used to protect our web server.

Please be aware that complete information security cannot be ensured. We therefore ask that you recognize your need to independently take security measures to safeguard your own personal information. To the fullest extent authorized by law, you agree that we are not responsible for any information leakage or other losses that are not the result of our willful misconduct or willful indifference, such as but not limited to hacker attacks, power outages, or unavoidable technical malfunctions.

Please lock your Wages Exchange account and get in touch with the customer support team right away at if you believe that your personal information, particularly account and/or password information, has been compromised.


You acknowledge that, in the following situations, we may, without your express permission, transfer all or a portion of the gathered personal information to or store it in locations other than your country of nationality, your country of residence, or the location of the server:

6.1 if it is required to safeguard, handle, examine, or lawfully utilize the personal information;

6.2 If it's required to protect our Users from abuse and to implement the TOU and other agreements,

6.3 if it is required by the general welfare;

6.4 if it's essential to uphold, exercise, or defend our rights, our partners' rights, or the rights of other Users;

6.5 Additional conditions mandated by legislation or executive orders.

What Exactly Are Cookies?

Cookies are little data packets that are delivered to your browser and stored on your computer's hard disc in order to gather anonymous visitor activity data as well as regular internet log information. We may use cookies or other similar technologies to automatically gather information about you when you visit Wages Exchange.

How Do We Make Use of Cookies?

To improve your experience on our Platforms, we employ cookies in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

a. to maintain your sign-in;

b. to keep track of your browsing activities and preferences on Wages Exchange;

c. Using Google Stats and cookies to track our performance and confirm the efficacy of internet advertising.

7.3 Which Cookie Types Do We Use?

We employ a variety of cookies, including but not restricted to:

a. Functional Cookies These cookies enable us to recognize you and keep track of your prior preferences and settings, which may include information about your device, operating system, preferred language, location, and other session data. We utilize both first-party and third-party cookies in combination.

b. Cookies for marketing With the use of these cookies, we can learn more about your visit to Wages Exchange, the pages you viewed, the links you clicked, as well as details about your browsers, devices, IP addresses, and referring websites. We occasionally divulge specific portions of the data we've acquired to third parties for marketing purposes. We might also provide our marketing partners with online information obtained through cookies. This implies that you might see adverts on other websites depending on your browsing habits on Wages Exchange.

7.4 How to Manage Cookies

The majority of browsers are configured to accept cookies. To prevent cookies or to receive a notification as soon as cookies are loaded, you can change your browser's settings. However, disabling all cookies could prevent you from using or accessing some Wages Exchange features.


We want to make sure that you are completely informed of your rights in terms of data protection. Each User is entitled to the following, unless restricted by law or official orders:

8.1 Access Rights

You are entitled to see and get copies of your personal data. For offering the access service, we have the right to charge a fair cost.

8.2 The ability to rectify

You have the right to change any erroneous personal data that you find. Additionally, you have the right to request that we complete any gaps in your personal information that you believe are justified.

8.3 The power to revoke (Right to be Forgotten)

Under certain conditions, you have the right to ask that your personal data be erased.

8.4 The ability to restrict processing

You have the right to ask us to limit how we use your personal information in certain situations, as permitted by law or when we directly remind you to do so; nevertheless, you acknowledge that this may prohibit us from offering you some Wages Exchange Services.