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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a centralized exchange platform with a user-friendly interface and also we plan to create a separate blockchain network. In the upcoming days, the WAGES coin will be minted for the Casino game.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to explore the concept of coin creation in various blockchains to increase the trading volume. We have already done so with a cryptocurrency exchange platform, an Android ioS-based app that users can trade easily. Our goal is to reach all the targeted audiences to increase the trading volume and generate high ROI.

Our Core values

Our core principle is upholding integrity. We place a high value on honesty, ethics, and transparency in all of our interactions, and we strive to uphold the strictest codes of business conduct.


We place a high importance on knowledge of tokenomics, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. To provide our customers with solutions of the highest caliber, we make an effort to stay current with the most recent business trends, best practices, and requirements.


We always consider innovation to be the most important component. Our mission is to offer cutting-edge solutions that make use of blockchain technology to solve real-world problems and promote improvement across a range of industries.

Client-centered strategy

We place a high priority on comprehending the demands, objectives, and ambitions of the client. Throughout the entire ICO development process, we work hard to produce customized solutions and offer top-notch customer support.

What is a WAGES Coin ?

WAGES coin was created with the help of four blockchains, and its native token is known as the WGS coin. Users can purchase, sell, and trade coins with other exchange participants.

With other users using the exchange, users can buy, sell, and trade coins. WAGES coins are frequently traded in pairs like BTC/ETH/USD. These trading pairs denote the exchange rate between two various coins. To swap one coin for another, users can submit buy or sell orders for particular trading pairs.

Benefits of WAGES coin

There are various user benefits when you create a coin on a centralized exchange. Some of the major benefits that our WAGES coin are listed here,

Liquidity to buy/sell coins easily

Comparatively speaking, centralized exchanges tend to have a larger user base and higher trade volumes. This gives your coin quick liquidity, making it simple for dealers and investors to buy and sell.

Picking a wide range of audiences in the market

You may reach out to more traders and potential investors by listing your coin on a centralized exchange. This can raise interest in the WAGES coin which might boost its value and expand its market.

Constant trading possibilities

Centralized exchanges frequently offer market-making services and trading support for WAGES coins. This may aid in generating liquidity and stability for the trading pairs for WAGES coin, drawing traders and investors who depend on reliable trading possibilities.

Security measures

Established centralized exchanges typically have extensive encryption, two-factor authentication, and anti-fraud procedures in action. This strengthens the security of the WAGES coin and fosters user confidence.

Possibilities for collaboration

Centralized exchanges frequently look to collaborate with worthwhile initiatives and coins. You can improve your chances of partnering with other projects, which can promote the ecosystem, by listing WAGES coins on a centralized exchange.

How does WAGES work ?

Structuring WAGES coin have different ways to be meant such as,

We can specify a precise financing target or cap, in which case each token sold during the ICO will have a fixed price and a fixed supply.

An ICO may have a static supply of tokens and a dynamic funding target, which implies that the total price per token will depend on the amount of money raised during the ICO.

Some initial coin offerings (ICOs) have a fixed token price but a dynamic supply of tokens, meaning that the supply is based on the amount of money raised.

Our Product and Services

White Paper creation

Blueprint confirmation

Token Development

Smart Contract Development

Exchange listing services

Regulatory standards

Landing page designing

PR and Marketing

Our blockchain tech expertise



Binance Smart Chain


Tech stack used

MEAN stack

Front end : Angular

Backend : Node Js

DB : MongoDB

How Do I Pick the Best Token Standard for an Initial Coin Offering Development?

Utility tokens make up the majority of the crypto tokens developed for ICO funding. Utility tokens fall under the category of fungible tokens, which are identical in value and can be traded for other tokens of a related kind.

In terms of fungible token standards, well-known blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, the BNB chain, etc., have a variety of token standards accessible. These token specifications are BEP20, TRC20, and ERC20. Depending on your company's needs, you can select any of these standards. But due to its huge popularity, ERC20 is favored by the majority of startups.

Which is superior? Prepared Script vs. Original Development

The process of creating an ICO from scratch is complex. The development process itself also takes a lengthy period. Your business's specifications will be gathered by the initial coin offering development service provider, who will then begin the development process. Not only does it take more time, but it also costs more money and resources to create an ICO from scratch. You can't anticipate getting your entire prediction in.

You could use a pre-written ICO script to avoid these effects. It will lower the proportion of hazards and aid in the rapid development of your ICO website. Additionally, pre-written ICO programs are reasonably priced. The script can be used to construct an ICO without any technological expertise. To be honest, you could use a pre-written ICO script to create an ICO platform. Contact a reputable ICO development company like us in the cryptocurrency industry to obtain an excellent ICO script.

Is ICO Legal?

To be honest, the legalization of an ICO depends entirely on the viewpoint of the individual. Up until that point, a lot of fresh firms used ICO as their financing strategy and were successful. A few nations have accepted cryptocurrency and made ICOs legal.

As a result, it also relies on the service provider and the nation in which your ICO is being launched. Because of the scams that take place in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, many business owners believe that ICOs are prohibited.

However, this time, it's different. For a successful ICO launch, you must conduct market research and choose a reputable initial coin offering development company in the crypto world.

How Many Days will it take to Develop an ICO?

You should understand the initial coin offering development processes before learning how much time is needed to create an ICO. Basically, there are two methods for developing ICOs: one is from scratch, and the other is using an already written ICO script.

It's challenging to build an ICO from scratch. It requires more effort, money, and resources to develop. Instead, if you're utilizing the script to develop, it only takes a week or less. It is also a time- and money-saving technique. Thus, the length of time needed to construct an ICO will vary depending on the approach you choose.

What Qualities Characterize an Excellent Token?

A worthwhile token can only be determined based on its traits and attributes. The name of the token, its numeric value, the blockchain used to create it, and other standout properties like mintability, among others, all contribute to a token's uniqueness. The crypto token is then approved following the completion of a token audit (such as Certik). The development team behind the creation of the crypto token is another important aspect to take into account here. They will compile the characteristics of your tokens, design, create, and assist in efficiently deploying your token.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Prefer Ethereum Tokens for Initial Coin Offering Development?

The decision to create ICOs using Ethereum-based coins was made for a variety of reasons. The main factor is its longevity of popularity. Ethereum never stops expanding its platform. It offers more than 40 criteria for creating crypto tokens.

Ethereum is a blockchain that supports smart contracts and aids in issue resolution in the real world. Another noteworthy aspect is its liquidity. The second-largest blockchain network with the most liquidity is Ethereum. Ethereum tokens make up the majority of the crypto tokens in use today.

The reputation and trust that individuals have developed within the crypto community is a further consideration. So, by producing an ICO token in accordance with the Ethereum token specifications, you'll be able to draw in new customers and raise money for your cryptocurrency venture.

How are cryptocurrency tokens purchased?

The token owner must get in touch with the emitting company, who will then take the necessary actions for the redemption of the token.

What occurs if the ICO doesn't reach its required minimum CAP?

The money is often returned to the investor's account. But in one of our projects, the customer has chosen to continue the ICO token sale indefinitely until the minimum funding level is attained.

What occurs to the tokens that are not purchased?

The only creation and issuance will be the sold token. For instance, the total token pool would be reduced from 1 billion to 900 million if just 40% of the tokens were sold in the first round.

What is the price of the ICO token or pre-sale token?

It depends on how much ether the corporation wants to acquire. Given that ether prices fluctuate occasionally, there will undoubtedly be an estimate. The price may vary undoubtedly since the fund might be gathered in any type of fiat money. Pricing consists of more than just a token rate/ETH.